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  • Why would a policy owner sell their policy?
    • Premiums paid by the policy holder become unaffordable and the policy may lapse.
    • Estate planning needs have changed.
    • Funds may be needed for long term care.
    • Beneficiaries may have changed due to death or divorce.
    • Disposal of key main insurance or other business related insurance.
    • Changes in needs for the coverage.


  • What’s in it for me?
    • Strong Returns
      • Potential for early maturities.
      • Viable alternative to traditional fixed instruments.
    • Diversification
      • Non-correlating asset to the stock or bond markets, thereby shielded by its fluctuations and losses.
      • Separate and distinct asset class.
    • Inexpensive
      • Deeply discounted A-rated or better life insurance policies.
      • Strong intrinsic value.
    • Unique
      • Low maintenance.


  • A Growing Market
    • Life Settlements are considered to be a new asset class and is a thriving industry in many countries throughout the world.
    • The market includes buyers such as hedge funds, private equity groups and banks in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.
    • As indicated in the graph, the life settlement industry has shown a positive growth year after year for the last 10 years *Estimates project transactions to exceed $160 billion in the year 2030.

 *1. Life Insurance Long View – Life Settlements Need Not Be Unsettling; Bernstein Research Call; Kamath, Suneet and Timothy Sledge, March 4,2005; page 8.